The Christmas Truce

It sounds like fiction.  However, it is history.  History is sometimes stranger than fiction.  The date was December 24 – 25, 1914 during World War I.  The location was in Belgium and France, along the Western Front.  German soldiers began to sing “Stille Nacht” (“Silent Night”) from their trenches.  The British and Allies, hearing them, began to sing as well.  The Germans called for the British and Allied soldiers to come out of their trenches and join them.  Signs were held up, “You no shoot, we no shoot.”  An unofficial truce was reached.  They shook hands.  Gifts were exchanged including food, cigarettes, buttons and hats.  Soccer was played.  The dead were retrieved and buried.  Perhaps, 100,000 were a part of this spontaneous Christmas truce.  Some officers were not pleased with soldiers fraternizing with the enemy.  Gerfreiter (Lance Corporal) Adolf Hitler thought this should never happen in war. War soon resumed and would last almost four more years.  However, one British soldier, Murdoch Wood said in 1930, “I then came to the conclusion that I have held very firmly since, that if we had been left to ourselves there would never have been another shot fired” (

Christ can and has brought men together.  Matthew, a tax collector, and Simon, A zealot, were brought together by Christ (Matthew 10:1-4 cf. Luke 6:12-16).  Jews and Gentiles were (are) brought together in one body (Ephesians 2:14-22). 

Christ should bring us together.  We are taught to love one another as He loved us (John 13:35; Ephesians 5:2; 5:25; 1 John 3:16-18).  We are taught to forgive one another as He has forgiven us (Colossians 3:12-13).  We are taught to care for others as He did (Philippians 2:4-8).  He taught us that true greatness is found in service (Mark 10:42-45; John 13:14-15).

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  1. Amazingly I too was moved to post a commentary on this very significant historical event, on my blog December 24, 2018. Enjoy at:

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