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Paying Taxes

This time of the year can be frustrating.  Documents are gathered.  Receipts are gathered and reviewed.  It is tax season. It is a complicated system.  The government favors or incentivizes certain behavior and business.  Can’t we just go to a … Continue reading

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What Would You Do? (Part 1)

Grover Cleveland holds several firsts in Presidential history. (1) He was the first Democrat elected to the office of President after the Civil War. In fact, he was the only Democrat elected to the Presidency between the years 1860–1912. (2) … Continue reading

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Must I tell the Truth, Always?

 Melinda, children and I were out-of-town.  While visiting some friends, we attended a Sunday morning Bible class.  The teacher was teaching from the book of Ephesians.  In that book it says, “put away lying, speak every man truth” (Ephesians 4:25). … Continue reading

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In The News: “Liars”

1994 ( S. Carolina ): Susan Smith claimed that her children had been taken when she was car-jacked by a “black man.” In truth, she had drowned her two sons, ages fourteen months and three years. The motive evidently was … Continue reading

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