What Can Be Done With A Tract, C.D., or DVD?

  1.  Keep specialty tracts written on specific religious groups (Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, the Latter Day Saints, etc.) near the door, so that they may be shared with these groups when they come knocking (The Jehovah Witnesses usually will not take or read your material, yet they want you to take and read material from them. Tell them that you will take and read their material, if they will take and read your material. Hold them to this).
  2. Leave basic tracts on fundamental themes (Plan of Salvation, the Church, etc.) in public places such as restaurants, motels, airports, hospitals, nursing homes, etc..  You may never know whose hands they’ll find themselves in.
  3. Mail tracts in with your bills (make sure you pay them on time –  lol).  Again, you never know in whose hands the tract may find itself.
  4. If you have a non-believing spouse, you might try leaving tracts around the house in plain view.  Perhaps they’ll pick it up and read out of curiosity.
  5. Order quantities of tracts.  Get a city directory organized by street.  And then begin to mail these tracts out a little at a time to those who live in close proximity to you.  I have known several members of the church that have, by this means, a little at a time, covered an entire community and even city.
  6. Keep tracts with you, in your car, purse, etc..  If you do  this, you may be better prepared for the defense of the Gospel, when religious discussions come up at work, family reunions, etc.
  7. Order tracts in quantities, and pass them out, door by door, before Gospel meetings, (or anytime).
  8. When you sent gifts for various occasions, such a birthdays, etc., include a tract.  Let them know that you not only love them, you are concerned for their soul.
  9. Use tracts to help formulate basic outlines for family devotionals, Sunday morning Bible class, etc. Caution: while you may organize your thoughts this way,  do your own study. Too many Bible teachers and preachers borrow their lessons from others without doing much study of their own. Entire Gospel meetings have been preached this way. Little growth comes this way and such may even be dangerous.
  10. Use tracts to investigate subjects on which you have questions.  Remember tracts are not inspired, but use them for their evidence. Never use a tract as a substitute for personal Bible reading and  study. Do not let the quick answers in a tract substitute for investigating the matter in scripture.
  11. Memorize the basic contents of the tract that you have just reviewed.  If you do this, you can pass it on to others who may benefit, and yet still retain information.
  12. Give tracts (and books) to new converts.  Many new converts are hungering for information and such may help them.  However, my advice is to never pass to someone else what you have not personally reviewed and verified to be good (Acts 17:11; 1 Thessalonians 5:21; 1 John 4:1). Do not blindly trust a tract just because it was written by some brother.

This is just another means by which you can help carry the Gospel into all of the world (Mark 16:16).  Brethren, let us use every legitimate means available to do so.  Let us use every opportunity we have to tell others about Christ, His church, and His plan of salvation!

About Bryan Hodge

I am a minister and missionary to numerous countries around the world.
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